The second

In order to do a good job in employee welfare management, further explain Fuerte's core values of "common prosperity", fulfill the co...


Salute, the heart-warming team of the company!

There is a person called "sacrifice oneself for others" and a kind of force called "do everything possible"; "Life is more important tha...


Formally resuming work, your serious looks are so beautiful!

Because of the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, today’s work process has become "complicated". In this regard, the com...


We have arrived at work to fight the epidemic!

On February 16th, after the resumption of work report, the company's first batch of employees have been put into normal production w...


About the epidemic 丨 A letter to all employees

Dear Fuerte brothers and sisters: At this moment, I have something to talk to you. First of all, at the beginning of the Year of the...


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